10 Communication Strategies to Better Engage Candidates

Feb 15, 2024Recruiting Daily
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The given resource offers ten effective communication strategies to improve engagement with potential job candidates. Firstly, it suggests demonstrating empathy by understanding their objectives and pressure points. Next, sharing valuable knowledge on industry trends can help form an impression as a reliable resource. Good recruitment requires precision and accuracy in message tailoring. Moreover, liberating from the script can foster natural and human conversations. Effort needs to be invested in understanding the candidate's career aspirations and motivations. Regularly communicating and updating them about the interview processes is crucial, along with providing constructive feedback regardless of the interview result. It's advisable to use multiple channels and formats for communication, such as personalized videos or job-seeker events. Fostering community through alumni networks or candidate pools is another recommended strategy. Last but not least, the process should be made fun and vibrant so the candidate chooses to work with you rather than being obligated.