April CandE Pulse Research: The Recruiting Yo-Yo Knows No Bounds

May 8, 2024ERE.net
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The latest research from Cande reveals a volatile dynamic affecting the global recruitment sector, with H1 2021 seeing substantial change and uncertainty. The Cande Pulse data indicates a drastic surge in candidate application rates and a sharp downturn in acceptance rates during the same period. This phenomenon has been dubbed the "Recruiting Yo-Yo." Over 2019 and 2020, acceptance rates for job offers were stable despite fluctuations in application rates. However, in 2021, even as application rates have surged dynamically, acceptance rates have plunged. By sector, Technology and Communications have fared the worst with y0-y growth in application rates but declining acceptance rates. The most significant decrease in acceptance rates was observed in North America, contrary to the global trend. The yo-yo effect is observed as dynamic and unpredictable and organizations are urged to continue monitoring trends.