Are Things Returning to Normal in the Labor Market?

Oct 23,
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This article looks at the ever-developing situation of the labor market during and post-pandemic. It examines whether certain practices in the workplace, such as remote working, are returning to pre-pandemic norms or adapting to a more hybrid working model. A survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) found that one in five companies believe their workforce will be permanently remote and many will adopt a hybrid workmodel. The survey also found that employers are cautious about implementing furloughs and layoffs, instead opting for open communication with employees and more flexible work schedules. Additionally, the article examines the effects on safety protocols adopted by employers, with early signs suggesting a return to more traditional interactions amongst co-workers. Overall, the article paints a picture of varying changes taking place within the labor market, with the majority of companies adpoting a more flexible approach to the workplace. Employers are cautious about enacting layoffs or furloughs and are seeking to meet workers needs through communication and flexibility. It appears that different segments of the labor market are shifting towards a hybrid working model, with safety protocols adapting to the new reality.