Beyond Compliance: Is an EEO Statement the Most Neglected Talent Attraction Tool?

Jun 27,
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This article discusses how a company's equality employment opportunity (EEO) statement can be used as a powerful tool to attract talent. It explains that larger companies must abide by EEOC regulations, so a concise EEO statement is a necessary part of their public presence. However, the article makes the argument that there is more to an EEO statement than just stating compliance. It says that many organizations use their statement as a recruitment tool to show potential employees that the organization values diversity and provides an opportunity for advancement. Smaller companies can also benefit from an EEO statement – it can help to set them apart from their competition and build an attractive employer brand. These statements should be straightforward and easy to understand, while also conveying the company's commitment to diversity. Additionally, they should be updated regularly to reflect any changes within the company or the industry.