Child Labor Is Back, the Labor Shortage Is Still Here, Remote Work May Go Away, and More!

Jul 21,
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This piece discusses how the changing labor market has brought child labor back in the US and how the effects of the pandemic on the labor shortage may have changed the way companies view remote work. Generally, labor shortages have begun to increase in some sectors that require more physical labor, such as in home health care and construction. Some Americans are even looking to their children to help fill the labor supply gap. As a result, child labor laws have been relaxed in some parts of the US, and parents are needing to weigh the decision to enroll their kids into the workforce. The article then explains how employers are now viewing the benefits and drawbacks of remote work. With companies offering more remote and flexible positions, the need for physical labor may be reduced, but employers realize they won't be able to sustain these positions long-term. This article suggests that with a changing labor market, companies should aim for creative solutions such as job-sharing and expanding their recruitment efforts in order to find solutions to the labor shortage.