Diversity Hiring’s Uncertain Future, the Impact of Skills Listed in Job Posts, and More!

Jun 30, 2023ERE.net
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This article discusses how the push towards increased diversity in hiring practices is not as clear-cut as it may seem. Diversity hiring initiatives are difficult to measure, as they don't necessarily result in an increase of hiring from different underrepresented groups, and many communities and companies have not seen any change. Additionally, the article looks at how most job postings list 'soft skills' and other desirable qualities in addition to specific technical qualifications, which can serve as a barrier for disadvantaged job-seekers. It also suggests that companies stop relying solely on these skills rather than skills that are directly related to the job, and are more likely to be held by those from different backgrounds. In conclusion, the article states that companies need to make deliberate changes in their hiring practices in order to ensure that the increased diversification is reaching all populations.