How Global, Remote Recruiting Leads to a Better Workforce

Aug 15, 2023Recruiting Daily
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This article discusses how global remote recruiting can lead to a better workforce, as remote recruiting allows companies to source talent from a larger and more diverse base. Companies are able to access higher quality candidates from around the world, and are also able to lower the cost of recruiting by telecommuting. Other advantages of remote recruiting include faster turnaround times, as recruiters do not have to rely upon a candidate's availability for a physical interview or location. Additionally, remote recruiting provides a larger pool of available candidates, as candidates do not have to be physically located in the same geographic area. In addition to improving candidate quality, it also reduces the risk of talent misalignment, as companies have access to a far larger pool of candidates with a wide variety of skills from around the world. Finally, it makes a company's hiring practices more agile and resilient, as they have access to a greater variety of talent in a much shorter period of time. This leads to a more engaged, more innovative, and ultimately more successful workforce.