How to Speak AI to Executives

Mar 27,
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If you're trying to encourage decision-makers in your company to invest in artificial intelligence (AI), it's important to communicate in a language they understand. Avoid getting lost in technical jargon, instead, focus on the real-world benefits and applications of AI. Demonstrate how AI can solve key business problems or drive revenue. Use concrete examples of successful companies or competitors who are leveraging AI effectively. Always tie it back to bottom-line metrics and business strategy to show the immense value of AI in supporting a competitive advantage across industries. In addition, it is also important to convey that while implementing AI might bring temporary disruptions or require investment, the long-term payoff is worth it. Address the two most common misconceptions about AI- it doesn't mean robots replacing humans and it isn't a far-off future concept. AI is about better aiding human decision-making and is already being effectively utilized by numerous organizations. To get the green light from executives, discussion about AI has to be rooted in practicality, profitability, and strategic value.