Is AI Stealing All The Entry Level Recruiter Jobs? The Surprising Truth.

Apr 23,
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Contrary to the fear that artificial intelligence (AI) may be taking over entry-level recruiter jobs, it appears that AI is instead freeing up recruiters to focus on more complicated tasks. Entry-level recruiters have traditionally been burdened with the repetitive tasks that AI can now handle, such as sourcing, applicant screening, interview scheduling, and data entry. Automation will allow recruiters to engage more with hiring managers, build relationships, and make complex decisions, such as identifying if a candidate would be a cultural fit. Adapting AI in recruitment might change the nature of entry-level recruiter jobs but it will also upgrade them, focusing more on the high-level tasks like relationship building. The article does not suggest that AI will cause job losses in the industry, but the skills recruiters need will change. The demand might even increase for recruiters who can operate AI and interpret its output in meaningful ways.