Job Seeker Confidence Falls, Anti-Gay Laws’ Impact on Hiring, and More!

Jun 9,
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Job seeker confidence has dropped significantly due to a variety of changes in legislation and internal workplace policies. A recent survey from Glassdoor found that 65 percent of LGBT job seekers feel less confident about their job search when applying for positions in states with anti-LGBT 'religious freedom' laws. Furthermore, 81% of LGBT job seekers say they would be very or somewhat likely to hold off applying for a job if they knew the employer supported such a law. In addition to this, job seekers are looking for not only job security and stability, but also job satisfaction that comes with living in an open, accepting workplace. While this could be difficult to detect from the get go, Glassdoor has found that 63 percent of job seekers said an employer’s ratings & reviews influenced whether or not they would apply for an advertised position. This shows that job seekers are taking an extra step to find out about a company's work environment before submitting an application. To overcome the issues of job confidence and to combat the rise of anti-LGBT laws, Glassdoor suggests that companies reinforce political and cultural values in order to attract job seekers of all backgrounds.