Keeping Up with the Times: Adapting to Talent Acquisition Tools

Jun 6, 2023Recruiting Daily
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Talent acquisition tools have become increasingly important for businesses in order to acquire the right talent, and it is important for recruiting professionals to stay up to date with new tools and trends. This article looks at the four areas of talent acquisition in which businesses can benefit from utilizing new technology: sourcing, engaging, selecting, and onboarding. Sourcing technology allows recruiters to easily track and monitor potential candidates. Engaging technology can be used to augment in person or email engagement by using social media. Selection technology such as AI-powered resume scanners and coding tests can help recruiters sift through large numbers of applications as well as save time. Finally, onboarding software can help streamline the often time-consuming onboarding process. The bottom line is that employers need to keep up with the changing landscape of technology if they are to stay competitive in today's market and attract the best talent.