Leaders Say They and Their People Lack AI Readiness, New Research Shows

Jul 13, 2023ERE.net
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Research has shown that leaders do not feel ready to incorporate artificial intelligence into their workplace, and their staff feel similarly unprepared. While many executives recognize the potential benefits of AI adoption, the study found that only 19% of those surveyed felt they were extremely ready to use AI technology. Moreover, only 11% of employees thought their companies were "extremely ready". Numerous obstacles prevent companies from getting their AI strategy off the ground, with leaders citing a lack of understanding and talent to effectively deploy AI solutions. The organizations that have realized success through their AI journeys have investments in dedicated AI teams, positioning the technology as a key element of their digital transformation initiatives. These findings have important repercussions for future adoption, as this research has underscored organizations' need to upskill their teams to make full use of the AI opportunities at their disposal, as well as investing more resources in developing successful AI strategies.