Making Pre-boarding and Onboarding a Top Priority

May 1,
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The process of pre-boarding and onboarding is crucial to retaining new employees and should be a priority in organizations. Pre-boarding begins during the recruit's decision-making stage and precedes the actual start date. It includes handling offers and contracts, while onboarding is the familiarization and integration process into the company. In a robust pre-boarding process, a company provides transparency about the job role and company culture. This process reduces recruitment costs, increases productivity, and promotes employee retention. With onboarding, the employer should focus on connecting new employees with the organization and nurturing a sense of belonging. Ineffective onboarding can lead to initial task failure, which can affect confidence and lead to high employee turnover. Lastly, the inclusion and action stage, which includes active involvement in tasks, are vital to keep new hires engaged. Meticulous pre-boarding and onboarding helps create brand ambassadors within the company.