Most Candidates Do Not Negotiate Salaries

Sep 22,
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This article explores the trend of job candidates not negotiating salaries when they are offered a job. According to a survey conducted by Glassdoor, 55% of American employees accepted their offered salaries without negotiating. Two factors seem to contribute to this trend: a lack of knowledge regarding acceptable pay and a fear of making employers unhappy. According to Glassdoor, approximately half of those surveyed said they did not negotiate because they were afraid it would hurt the offer. Another third said they did not know how much salary to ask for or did not know if their current salary was in line with industry standards. Additionally, the survey found that 84% of employers expected a counteroffer from candidates, but only 37% of candidates actually did so. This article offers useful tips on how candidates can better negotiate salaries, including understanding their industry standards and making sure to ask the right questions if they are unhappy with the offer.