Overworked Navy Recruiters, the Hardship of Government Hiring, and More!

Jul 7, 2023ERE.net
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This article consists of an interview done with the U.S. Navy, to investigate the lack of efficiency in its recruiting department. It emphasizes how the budget-strapped government is unable to properly staff its recruiting department, leading to an overworked and overstressed recruiter base. The article discusses the exhaustive process of federal hiring, from lengthy and intense background checks to the slow-paced bureaucracy; resulting in less capable and overburdened recruiters. It also highlights the various frustrations experienced by Navy recruiters, fueled by the knowledge of the scarcity of resources available to them, as well as the numerous administrative burdens faced by prospective recruits. The article ultimately emphasizes the importance of the Navy recruiters in producing the country's next generation of military personnel, and the crucial role of their jobs in attracting and retaining it.