Recruiting Pros Sound Off on LinkedIn’s Data About Increasing Applications by 11%

Jul 12,
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The article dives into the widely reported news about a recent LinkedIn study that found that now is a surprisingly great time to hire. Recruiters shared their thoughts on that study, offering insights into how accurate it is. All agreed that the study definitely has an element of truth to it: there's no denying that the current job market has caused a major influx of applications for job openings. They provided tips for addressing this issue, including being more specific on job postings to weed out less qualified candidates, and being aware of the sources applicants are coming from. All agreed that technology can help significantly speed up the process of sorting through the mountains of applications. Recruiters also shared that they are seeing a higher number of unemployed applicants, often with impressive resumes, and it's a great opportunity for employers to find high-quality candidates.