Recruiters’ Tech Wish List for 2024

Dec 19,
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By 2024, recruiters are expecting a range of technological advancements to make their job easier and help them achieve their goal of finding the best possible talent for their clients. They anticipate improvements in the areas of automation tools, HR technology solutions, machine learning, virtual networking, and predictive analytics. Automation tools for resume screening and faster onboarding processes will increase efficiencies and reduce costs. Advanced HR technology solutions will offer improved integrations of candidate data with job boards and applicant tracking systems to improve the quality of hire. Machine learning will be leveraged to analyze competencies and candidiate behavior for improved selection processes and virtual networking, such as video interviewing and automated messaging, will enable recruiters to cast wider nets and build diverse candidate pipelines. Predictive analytics will help to identify job trends in order to better anticipate client and candidate needs, as well as measure team performance.