Recruiting Strategy Is Hard When You Can’t Do the Basics

Jun 7,
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This article discusses the difficulties companies can face when their recruiting strategy lacks the necessary elements needed to succeed. Namely, the ability to properly tackle the basic playbook of recruiting that includes setting a budget and timeline, building an engaging recruitment website, advertising jobs, and creating a positive candidate experience. The article explains the key steps businesses need to take in order to ensure they are placing applicants in the proper role, such as actively evaluating new job postings and ensuring they match the company's technical talents and cultural values. Additionally, the article advises a focus on using better technology tools and analytics to more efficiently recruit. It also emphasizes that a company's commitment to their organizational brand must be backed by actions and not just words, as this can be a powerful tool for getting the most talented individuals for the positions available. Finally, it also recommends that creating and forming relationships with universities, training schools, and technical academies can help create more of a diverse talent pool.