The Gig Economy and Its Impact on Staffing Strategies

Nov 13, 2023Recruiting Daily
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This article focuses on the growing Gig Economy and how it has impacted staffing strategies in the modern workplace. It explains how the Gig Economy, which is driven by the use of technology and flexible work practices, has the potential to create a powerful win-win situation for both employers and employees. For employers, the Gig Economy offers the ability to quickly and easily extend the business’s workforce capacity and reduce the cost inherent in hiring more staff. For employees, the Gig Economy presents the opportunity to work in their own time while still having access to the same professional level jobs as full-time employees. The Gig Economy also creates a more diversity of opinions in business settings, potentially leading to better decision making and problem solving. The article then wraps up by providing advice on how staffing strategies should be adapted to capitalize on the Gig Economy while still protecting the rights of employees.