The Impact of War on Recruiting

Jan 9,
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The impact of war, conflict and political instability on recruitment is significant. Not only can it lead to an influx of job applicants, but war can also stimulate new needs for certain skills and expertise. This can occur in industries directly related to warfare, including defence and cybersecurity, as well as areas like healthcare or humanitarian aid, which are indirectly but crucially impacted by conflict. Additionally, war and conflict often lead to a surge in patriotism and national pride, which can be used in recruitment messaging to attract candidates to defence and public service roles. However, wars also exacerbate recruitment challenges such as attracting talent to high-risk locations and caring for the emotional well-being of employees in combat areas. War-driven migration leads to an influx of talent, creating both opportunities and challenges for recruiters. Adapting recruitment strategies to these fluctuations is key.