The Labor Market Looks Different by Industry

Dec 21,
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This article examines how the labor market varies by occupation, including those considered “front-line” and “non-front-line.” The study finds that while job losses in the most affected industries of the COVID-19 pandemic have been much higher than in other industries, “front-line” occupations have seen greater wage growth, as well as much slower decline in job openings than their non-front-line counterparts. Occupations considered to be “front-line” include those with higher performing wages and are often connected to essential services deemed as necessary during lockdown such as food safety, religious services, disaster relief, and health services. Non-front-line occupations include those that require human contact such as restaurant staff and people in leisure and hospitality. The article adds that while these labor market shifts have significant implications for the current and future state of the labor market, they also give glimpse into a “work world shaped by COVID-19” and what the people working in them are experiencing.