The Latest Law to Legislate Pay Transparency Includes Remote Jobs

Aug 18,
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This article discusses the latest legislation to legislate pay transparency, which expands pay transparency to remote jobs. The law requires companies of more than 100 employees to detail their pay practices online. They must also explain the different pay determinants for employees as well as explain different pay raises or evaluations that employees may receive. The law also requires employers to provide employees with information regarding their own pay rates, annual salary ranges for different job levels and the total number of employees. This puts the power of pay transparency into the hands of the employee, so they can easily compare their pay to that of other employees. The law additionally supports remote job-seekers by requiring greater transparency and protection in their job search process. Employers must disclose the location of the remote job, the base pay and any additional compensation that may come with the position. This law should help protect vulnerable job seekers by giving them more information about job opportunities and their potential earnings.