The Wild West of Alternative Credentials, Canada Snatches Up U.S. Workers, and More!

Jul 28,
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This article examines the growing prevalence of alternative credentials, which are taking over the recruitment space in Canada and for U.S. workers. For employers in those markets, the adoption of alternative credentials is rapidly becoming more of a necessity than a choice. The report explores the reasons why the expectation for alternative credentials is becoming part of the hiring landscape, why Canada is quickly becoming a global innovator in the alternative credentials space, and what the future may hold for hiring managers, job seekers, and the recruitment landscape as a whole. As technology rapidly improves, companies have access to an unprecedented amount of resources to use in the hiring process, and alternative credentials such as badges and certifications are becoming a main form of qualification. With results from surveys from both employers and job seekers making it clear that alternative credentials are likely to become the norm for recruiting, organizations are rapidly exploring different ways that they can use alternative credentials to their advantage. In conclusion, the article confirms that alternative credentialing is on the rise, and it's only a matter of time before the 'Wild West' of alternative credentials makes a dramatic shift in the recruitment landscape.