Top 10 Recruiting Technologies for Candidate Communication

Apr 9,
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The article provides a list of the top 10 recruiting technologies that can be leveraged for effective candidate communication. First is LinkedIn, a commonly used networking site that helps locate potential candidates. Second is Hiretual, an AI-powered software that eases sourcing and engagement. Third is Sourcehub, which generates Boolean strings for quick sourcing. Fourth is AmazingHiring, a sourcing tool that focuses on tech talents. Fifth is Connectifier, which provides candidate contact information. Sixth is Tangie Recruit, a software offering automated recruiting. Crystalknows, the seventh tool, offers personality insights of candidates. Eight is Candidate.ID, which monitors candidate behaviors to provide suitable opportunities. Ninth is ContactOut, a tool for sourcing candidate’s email addresses. Tenth is Herefish, a recruiting automation tool that handles repetitious tasks. While these technologies have their pros and cons, it's important to identify which best meets your recruitment needs.