What Recruiters Need to Know About Job-Hoppers

Jul 14, 2023Recruiting Daily
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This article explains how job hopping, which is increasing due to the gig economy and changing labor market, is affecting hiring processes. It examines what recruiters need to know in order to effectively hire and retain job hoppers. It notes that recruiters must be able to assess both the risks and the potential returns of hiring job hoppers, since they usually bring valuable skills and knowledge to a company, as well as energy and ambition. However, it points out that job hoppers may leave quickly for other opportunities, meaning there is more risk associated with hiring them. The article suggests recruiter should get to know a job hopper in order to determine whether they possess the skills and have the right attitude for the job before offering them a role. Additionally, recruiters should also consider how they can use technology to engage job hoppers - by being more transparent, offering greater flexibility and creating a fast hiring process.