What Recruiters Need To Know About Web3 Opportunities

Jul 7, 2023Recruiting Daily
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This article outlines the potential opportunities and challenges recruiters should be aware of with Web 3. Recruiting in a Web 3 world means dealing with a decentralized environment with distributed networks, networks in which users own personal data and are able to set their own terms for sharing it, and potentially new data formats. Due to the nature of this technology, there may be a greater need for project- or contract-based hires. Further, recruiting could be enhanced through the use of smart contracts and tokenization, adding efficiency and simplifying payments and tracking. Focussing on skill sets such as blockchain, cryptanalysis, cryptography, machine learning, web programming and development, distributed storage, and user experience will be essential for recruiters to source the right talent in this space. Lastly, the need for privacy regulations is paramount, especially when engaging with an increasingly tech-savvy and privacy-focused workforce.