Why Building a Diverse and Inclusive Recruiting Workforce Starts With Training

Nov 3, 2023Recruiting Daily
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This article discusses how important diversifying and inclusivity is in recruitment processes and how essential it is that companies provide training for their recruitment staff to understand and embrace those concepts. A diverse and inclusive recruiting team is not just a nicety companies may choose to provide but a core organizational value that needs to be ingrained in their policies and processes. It needs to be an ongoing practice if it is to be effective, as well as re-evaluated and updated regularly. It is important for companies to commit to providing diversity and inclusivity so that job seekers feel welcomed and accepted. Training should focus not only on understanding different cultures, backgrounds, and ideas, but also include understanding the various forms of discrimination. A company should also provide its recruiters with the proper support such as resources, tools, and data, in order to help them make meaningful and consistent progress towards a truly diverse and inclusive recruiting workforce.