Why the Labor Market’s Pull For DEI Will Blunt the Effect of the SCOTUS Decision on Affirmative Action

Jul 19, 2023Recruiting Daily
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This article discusses how, in a post-Supreme Court decision on Affirmative Action, the burden to diversify the workplace can be effectively shifted to the labor market. The current labor market is considered to be "pulling" for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives. The article breaks down how this is occurring already, as the burdens are no longer on employers to ‘make do’ and find enough diverse applicants. It points to the data that shows employers are now limited by the labor market itself. Employers are needing to actively participate in the culture shift to ensure that their organization has DEI initiatives and that it believes in fostering an environment of inclusivity and acceptance. Finally, the article suggests that by shifting the burden and fostering the DEI culture in the labor market, employers may be able to find a balance between Affirmative Action and their recruitment efforts.