With All the Hype About Hiring With AI, Why Don’t We Talk More About Hiring for AI?

Sep 13, 2023ERE.net
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This article discusses the potential for Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the staffing and recruitment industry. AI helps organizations screen resumes, assess personality and skills, and learn about applicants in ways that were simply impossible in the past. The article points out that this unlocking of new potential is creating a higher demand from organizations for access to better AI-driven recruitment solutions. However, the article notes that the discussion around AI-driven recruitment has focused largely on how it helps companies fill jobs with the right people. The article argues that while this is obviously important, there should also be more focus on how AI can be used to recruit the right people to build AI. It is becoming increasingly important for tech companies to be able to recruit specialized talent with AI experience. The article encourages HR professionals to consider the potential of AI when transitioning their companies into the digital age, and recognize its capacity to improve the hiring process and grow the tech talent pipeline.