Women Not Getting What They Need at Work, Says New Report

Jun 14, 2023ERE.net
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Women are not getting the support they need in the workplace, according to a new report. The report found that only 25% of the nearly 500 women surveyed felt that their workplace had a supportive environment for women, while nearly half reported feeling like they had to "self-censor" their work in order to be heard. The report also found that women often face gender-based double standards in the workplace, with 50% of the women surveyed having felt they had to work harder than their male counterparts for the same recognition. Furthermore, women are more likely to have to deal with unconscious bias and other forms of discrimination that impact job promotions and other professional opportunities. The report concluded that employers can make a significant impact on the experiences of female employees by creating a supportive environment, setting specific goals for gender inclusion, and providing support and training to managers.